Tournament RULES

Tournament Rules

1. Each contestant is expected to observe the common-sense rules of courtesy, safety, sportsmanship and conservation.

2. NO PROFESSIONAL FISHERMAN. If you guide for a living (majority of your income comes from guiding or Bass Tournaments) or Bass Fish for a living, you will not be allowed to fish this club. Weekend Warriors ONLY!!!

3. Artificial Bait only. NO Live or prepared bait is allowed. Pork strips or rinds may be used.

4. Bass must be caught in a live and traditional manner. Fish that appear to have been dead for a very long time or appear to have been frozen (white eyed)or appear to have been caged (red finned or scared) will not be counted. This is at the sole discretion of the Weigh Masters or Tournament Director.

5. Winners will be determined by total weight with a maximum of 5 fish per boat being weighed in. At NO Time will contestants have more than a 5 fish legal limit in their possession. No Culling/Releasing at the ramp.

6. Dead Fish penalty will be 3 tenths of a pound for each dead fish. If the fish DOES NOT SWIM UPRIGHT after 2-3 attempts , the fish will be counted as a dead fish. That determination is at the discretion of the weighmasters.

7. Fish must be 14’ minimum with mouth closed and fanning tail on a Golden Rule. The Golden Rule will be the official measuring device. ANY SHORT FISH WILL DISQUALIFY THAT DAYS TOTAL WEIGHT.
Any team bring more than a 5 fish limit to the scale will be automatically disqualified. Participation Points will still be assessed for that day.

8. Littering, Bad manners, non-sportsman like conduct will be considered grounds for Disqualification and will be at the discretion of the Tournament Director.

9. No Fishing within fifty (50) yards of another competitor’s boat. PLEASE use common courtesy. The 50-yard rule is trolling motor up anchors down. This includes rope and anchor.

10. No off limits at any tournament except between days 1 and 2 of the classic.

11. In case of a tie in total weight , Big Fish of the tie will be the tie breaker. If there is still a tie , number of fish weighed in will be the tie breaker. If there is still a tie all prize money will be combined and split equally between tied teams.

12. Breaking any rules , Local , State or Federal Laws may be grounds for Disqualification.

13. Any persons caught fighting , cheating or what the tournament director considers unethical behavior will be ejected from the club with no refunds of any kind !! (Regardless of how many tournaments you have prepaid for).

14. Running lights are required at the start of the tournament. If running lights are NOT working that team will start last at safe light.

15. Each team is allowed no more than 2 alternates for the year. There will be a one time $10.00 fee for each alternate. After an alternate has fished with a team , they can ONLY fish with that team again for the rest of the year. (A person can only be an alternate for one team per year). An alternate can only fish the classic if they have fished at least one qualifying tournament during the regular season. An original team member must fish with the alternate if the alternate is fishing the classic.

16. To qualify for the classic you must fish at least 7 of 9 regular season tournaments.


18. In order to be Points Champions or have Big Bass of the Year you must fish 7 of the 9 regular tournaments.

In order to fish Crackerboys Bass Club you must be an active member.

    a. You must join and fish at least 1 of the first 2 tournaments of the year. (Jan.- Feb)

    b. If you do not join and fish one of the first 2 tournaments you will not be allowed to fish ANY other tournaments for the rest of          that year.

    c. No new members after February Tournament.

    d. We will except payments at the ramp during the first 2 tournaments ONLY. After the first 2 you must make payments before            12:00 noon the Friday before the next scheduled tournament.