Calcutta Rules and Format

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Frontier Steakhouse

8602 E Sligh Ave, Tampa, FL 33610

Wed. October 12, 2022 6:30pm

I will ALSO be accepting Classic Entry Fees AFTER the Istokpoga Tournament in September. This will speed the Calcutta up and also help you by NOT having to mail in a check.

Also, IF you want to pay for the full 2023 Year and be in the Top Boat Number Lottery, I will ALSO be taking those After the Istokpoga Tournament (Or you can wait until Calcutta)

Important to know:
You will NOT be able to combine Calcutta, Classic fee or 2020 Trail (# Lottery) on one check.
We will only accept a check for EACH thing you are paying for. (This keeps it WAY easier on the BOOKS!
Spread the word to those teams you know that do not have FB.
Cash is always fine too!


Frontier Steakhouse
8602 E Sligh Ave, Tampa, FL 33610


2022 Schedule

Tournament Results

All Tournaments are on the 4th Saturday (unless Noted)

1/22 Lake Kissimmee (Coleman Landing)
2/26 Lake Toho (South Port)
3/26 Lake Wier (Carney Island)
4/23 Harris (Hickory Point)
5/28 Toho (South Port)
6/25 Harris (Hickory Point)
7/23 Okeechobee (Dbl Points) Okeetantee

8/27 Lake Kissimmee (Colemans Landing)
9/24 Istokpoga (98 Ramp)

Classic 10/22-23
Okeechobee (Okeetantee)

West Coast Couples

Couples Bass Trail